Our Future

The Seventh, and youngest, generation of Whitmore’s have been exposed to farm and market life since the day they were born. In the first picture from right to left is: Milo Whitmore (2.5 years), Lillian Crow, (3 years), Owen Crow (6 years), Leo Whitmore (5.5 years). Even at such young ages each of these kids is starting to find tasks on the farm were they thrive and find the desire to grow new things.

Owen has been helping his mother, Carra, in the greenhouse since he was born. He now works alongside his mother with a special love of working with succulents and then selling them at market. He has a great eye for detail and loves to work with Grandpa Wayne on figuring out answers to any problems we may have around the farm.

Leo has also grown up riding around in the pickup beside Grandpa Wayne to check the cattle or helping his father, Justin, transplant broccoli. Leo loves to help Grandma Connie with the chickens and even hatched and is currently taking care of his own brood of chickens alongside Grandma’s. Leo also asked Santa for apple seeds and planted them in hopes to have his own apple trees so he could sell the apples at market.

Lillian also grew up playing in the dirt of the greenhouse with her mother and brother and loves to help around the farm. She loves to help pick (and eat) blackberries and loves to chase Grandma Connie’s kittens and help with the animals.

Milo loves all things animal and can make very realistic cow and rooster sounds. He loves to help gather eggs with Grandma and put out hay bales for the cows with Grandpa. Milo is always ready to go to work whether it's working cows, baling hay, or picking peaches. 

All of the grandkids love to help work cows and are becoming great farm hands. We cannot wait to see what they come up with to further expand what we do here at Whitmore Farms!